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Chameleon Recruitment Software Review Coming Soon

We have contacted the chaps at Chameleon and are awaiting a run through on the demo version to write up our recruitment software review.

We’ll post back with our findings as soon as we’ve finished drafting the review.

In the meantime, these links may be of interest:

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arithon recruitment software review

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Recruitment Software Review – Sticky List

Quick Links to the applications on our recruitment software review list – we’ll link them up as we get through the reviews ;-)

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Recruitment Software Review – Arithon

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Rating: 5.3/10 (41 votes cast)

So, following on from Rod Smyth of Arithon pointing out to us that they weren’t on our list, we’ve delved deep into Arithon’s recruitment software offering and you can see what we think below.  We always welcome user comments and ratings, and these are open for you to pitch in with your thoughts and experiences if you’ve used this package.  Thanks to Arithon for bringing this software to our attention, as it wasn’t on the initial ‘to be reviewed list’.

So, to kick off our of Arithon recruitment software review, there were a few initial steps to walk through.  I first tried it in Firefox as that is my browser of choice, but that didn’t seem to work, and fair enough, my mistake, I didn’t read the instructions!  They do say to make sure you are using an updated version of Internet Explorer – so make sure that’s what you’re using if you want to check this software out.  Maybe other browsers are supported, but check with Arithon first.

When you have Internet Explorer fully updated, there are a few simple steps to follow – downloading and installing a file provided by Arithon, which looks like it updates your Windows Registry, then downloading it again to double check (it says to do so in the instructions to ensure that your PC settings are up to date).

Let’s get into the guts of it.


Arithon’s GUI is usable and functional with the calendar to top left and key navigation down the left hand side, and the system opens on the Candidates screen.  When you click one of the main navigation links on the left, such as candidates, or vacancies, the main portion of the screen is filled with the relevant information for that selection.  There is a handy ‘Quick Links’ menu also to the left, with links to Email Candidates, Clients, or the results of your last Search.


The desktop is the bottom link on the left hand side of the navigation, and gives access to handy information such as tcurrent interviews, candidate selections and submissions, open vacancies, vacancies about to start/finish, a to-do list, and upcoming candidate birthdays.  There is also a large part of the screen devoted to candidate and client call-backs to be followed up, thus ensuring they won’t be missed.  I’m just wondering if this would be better placed as the first screen you hit on entering the system (rather than the candidates screen) – maybe there is an option to customise – I’ll dig into that later on when reviewing the setup and options.

Overall, the desktop is well laid out – main navigation and links are on the left as in most of the software’s primary function screens, and the aggregation of data into sections makes things pretty clear.


The candidates screen again follows the theme of other main pages, having the navigation, quick menu and calendar on the left hand side.  Finding candidate records can be done either by clicking through one by one, or in List View which allows navigation page by page, or by clicking Search in the main navigation to the left.  Searching is probably where you’ll spend most of your time when looking for a single candidate – and you are well-served, being able to search on all the fields you have input data for.  If you search for candidates with a surname of Jackson, all the candidates with that surname are then returned in the bottom half of the screen.

There are also options here for SMS, Callback reminders and further information categorised into tabs along the bottom half of the screen, including address, skills, bank details, general comments, attachments, education, employment history and jobseeking.  The history section shows you what selections, interviews and placements that candidate has been to.


The primary information for each client is visible, with similar navigation to the Candidates screen (click through, list and search).  A consultant can be assigned to the client, as well as a preferred contact.  The client status can be assigned, ie whether they are recruiting or not.  The calendar, quick menu and primary navigation are down the left hand side consistent with other screens.

The main functions across the top of the Clients screen are browse, list view, add new, save, add vacancy, callback and template.  Clicking on Template allows you to either pick an existing template, or create a custom template for correspondence.  Adding a new contact works well, and the Add Vacancy takes you from the client screen to the Vacancy screen, pre-populating the common fields with the Client’s data.  Time saver – nice touch.

Further information is tabbed at the bottom, including address details, comments, attachments, vacancies with current status, and callback history.


Again, the left hand side of the screen holds the usual suspects – calendar, quick menu and main navigation.  Essential contact and company information for the Vacancy is displayed in the top half of the screen, such as hours, hourly rate/salary, keywords for CV search, location and start date etc.  You can also track the source of the vacancy for marketing purposes.

Key functions at the top of the screen are browse, list view, save, callback, template and a couple of nice touches – Clone and Tweet (both do what they say on the tin) .  Further detailed information can be entered in the bottom half of the screen via tabbed sections, including skills, description, benefits, comments, attachments and address.  Selections, interviews and placements can also be tracked here.

It looks like the Website Upload functionality is manual, but we’re unable to test as we’re running the demo version.  We’d like to see the details of the vacancy auto-populated here, but to be fair, this does look like new functionality and would be great if it works in the right way.


Search is available for the Candidate, Vacancy and Client screens, with the Quick Menu offering options to search Candidate, Vacancy and Client Attachments.  Search is accessed by clicking the Search link to the left of the screen.

The search fields available depend on what screen you are in when you click search – if you are in the Candidates screen for example, all the regular fields you use to enter data about that Candidate will be available – you’ll know you’re in the search screen when a little search icon replaces all the standard Candidate function buttons at the top of the screen.


Arithon recruitment software offers a few different options to communicate with your contacts.  SMS is available to Candidates, along with Email to both Candidates and Clients.  When emailing, you can send the email to the results of the last match, or the results of the last search, or search for candidates in the Search field.

The SMS functionality allows sending of either individual texts by typing or copying/pasting the mobile number into the To field in international format, or, more conveniently if you have many to send, populates the recipients from the results of your last search for bulk sending.

Data Migration

Arithon have saved you the hassle of typing in thousands of records here.  And let’s face it, you really don’t want to do that.  You get a handy CSV template, make sure your data’s in that format, and upload / import.  Bob’s your mother’s brother.

If you’re not sure about anything here, give the nice folks at Arithon a shout – ask for Rod, tell him I sent you from Recruitment Software  They might even offer a data migration service, who knows?


Ooh.  Settings.  Things to tinker with.  I can feel my geek trying to escape.  Oh, I’m okay again.  Crisis over…

If you do have the urge to tinker, here is where to indulge your fetish.  Skill mappings, menus, Reports, Job Boards, Imports, Backups, Email importing, preferences, correspondence and Radius Search, all under one roof.

Plenty of options here to set the system up with your own preferences.


Support comes from the Arithon website, bearing the name of ’360 degree Support’.  Sounds all-encompasing, and there are certainly a few options here – Support Centre, Knowledgebase, Arithon Users and Contact Details.

Further options here include Training, Assistance, Coaching and Administrative tasks, and their phone numbers are at the top of every screen.


Overall, a very functional piece of software, handling searches on thousands of candidate records with ease.  Would prefer the Desktop to be the primary screen as default out of the box, but this is minor and there may well be an option to configure this that I have missed. If Rod or any of the guys from Arithon read this, maybe they can clarify for us.  

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Software Review User Rating
Rating: 5.3/10 (41 votes cast)

Recruitment Software Review – Eboss

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Software Review User Rating
Rating: 7.6/10 (71 votes cast)

Okay, let’s cut to the chase.  We’ve had a good poke around the Eboss recruitment software, and these are our findings below.  As ever, the comments and ratings are open, and it would be great to hear from any of you who have used this recruitment software yourselves.  Our thanks to Eboss who were friendly and helpful, setting us up with a dummy account and answering our queries.


The eBoss system has a nice, clean graphical user interface overall.  Everything is laid out nicely and you’re not much more than a click away from the key day to day functionality you’ll require.

The system makes extensive use of popups to display key information or tips when you hover your mouse over a contact, client or vacancy for example.  The screens are pretty consistent in their look and feel wherever you may be in the system which makes for ease of navigation.  And all the while you’re carrying out your tasks, the Recent History on the left hand side gives you an easy option to get back to a contact, or job, client etc if you think of something you need to add. [Read the rest of this entry...]

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Software Review User Rating
Rating: 7.6/10 (71 votes cast)

Chameleon Recruitment Software Review

So, finally the Chameleon recruitment software review is finished.  It’s been a bit manic, so apologies, but I wanted to make sure we covered as much as possible before publishing.  Our thanks to Chameleon who assisted us, providing a demo login and answering any questions we had.  Comments and ratings are now open for Chameleon, so if you’ve used it before, we’d love to hear your experiences.


On successfully entering your Chameleoni login, you’re presented with a Dashboard with tips and upsells / cross-sells for other Chameleon services – website services, enhancements to the basic package, links to purchase extra licenses etc – the usual stuff.

The meat is on the left – the ‘Smart Navigation’ panel, which is essentially a tree-like set of links for the most important parts of the system.  Neatly laid out – the only thing I might add here, is that maybe some users would find ‘Vacancies’ or ‘Diary’ more useful if it was higher up the list – I’m not sure they should be that far down the list from a useability perspective but would love to hear your thoughts.


Clicking the Dashboard link in the navigation opens a screen with 3 tabs – Activity, Performance, and Forecast.  Activity is selected as the default option, and lists outstanding diary entries – as you’ll see from the screen shot, no data on mine as I’d just started tinkering, but you’ll see your follow up calls etc logged here for action when you start adding entries to the Diary.

The Performance tab is pretty self explanatory, as is the Forecast tab, listing previous, or expected future conversions.


I wasn’t set up with a mail account as this was a demo, so full testing wasn’t possible.  What I can say is that it seems simple enough to use, with some search features at top allowing you to search by different criteria, and then further refine the sort order of the mail returned in that search.

(*Bulk Email isn’t available for single-user accounts, but it looked like it worked well enough for emailing individuals)

You can also use the Shortlist / Placement feature to email candidate and clients details on a particular Vacancy direct from the Vacancy itself.


The Candidates screen covers extensive information for all the basic personal details for the individual Candidate such as name, contact information, DOB and address.

In addition to this, are fields to enter Current Position information, References, preferred Job and Remuneration, availability, location, and system info such as registration date.  You can also upload a CV for the Candidate here.


Now, from playing around a little, it seems Chameleon has Companies (the organisation) and then Clients (the contacts within that organisation).  The terminology may be a little different to other systems, but it’s the same deal: – set up a Company, then assign Clients (contacts) to that company.

The Companies screen allows you to add new companies, and delete or edit existing ones.  Clicking the ‘New’ link at top left of this screen brings forth the new company form.  Here you can add the essential information for companies you deal with.

After you add your new Company, there are also some handy links at the top of the screen to view or enter other related data, such as business addresses, company contacts, vacancies associated with this company. placements, email and notes etc.  We’ll cover Vacancies later in the review.


To add a Client with Chameleon, head to the Clients link on the tree in the navigation on the left hand side, or to the Company, where you can also view Clients for that company.

From the individual Client’s file, you can see Vacancies and Placements that are associated with them, and check Email and Notes etc.


Adding a Vacancy can either be done from the Client screen, or from the Vacancy menu.  Essential information such as Reference ID, title, company and client can be entered along with description.

You are also able to set the Vacancy’s status to show whether it is live or inactive.  Once you’ve added the Vacancy, it’s ready to go to whichever Candidates you think would be interested.

A couple of  minor things that could be improved here – the pay rate, salary etc wouldn’t allow me to type figures in with the keypad – I had to use the up/down arrows, which was a little frustrating, especially with larger figures – may be it was a problem with my firefox – would be interested to hear if anyone else has the same issue, or if this is fine in Internet Explorer.

Also, I had a Server Error in ‘/’ Application pop up when I tried to save the Vacancy, and had to start over – some problem with the Date.

Apart from that, Vacancies seem to work pretty smoothly.


Does what it says on the tin – a fairly straightforward screen for filtering Placements according to different criteria


The diary screen is fairly straightforward, displaying upcoming reminders and events

Click on an item in Day view for example, and up pops the detailed record for that appointment.

Search & Advanced Search

As well as filtering & searching in Candidate / Client records you can perform an Advanced search using the Search menu on the left.

You can search on tags, names (didn’t have much luck searching on name – just kept saying ‘you must enter a name’), perform a free text search on things such as Desired Job Title, or search comments and CV’s and other details including location, salary, country etc.


Okay, so as well as the Mail feature above, you can also Bulk SMS Candidates and Clients regarding Vacancies that are available.  I don’t think we had full functionality for SMS as we’d probably need credit for this – but between Bulk Mailing (if you have more than a single user account) and SMS, you should be able to keep all your contacts up to date on the latest Vacancies / Candidates for placement.

We really liked the ability to add in CV’s for attachment on the Mail feature, but assume that’s not available on the SMS function.

Tools – Content Management

We weren’t set up with an integrated website for this demo, so unfortunately can offer no comment on this feature apart from saying it looks fairly straightforward from the data entry point of view, with the obligatory ‘What you see is what you get’ editor which allows you to format text, and insert links to the page of your choice.

Data Migration

And of course, the handy time-saver of migrating data to your new system is also here – let’s be honest – do you fancy entering thousands of records again?  No, we don’t either!

This is the usual route of downloading a template Excel file, then uploading and waiting for the import to appear.


The system came ready to use, just requiring me to enter my Company Details and defaults, add Users for my company, company address etc in the Admin area.

We only had a ‘single user’ system for demo, so maybe if you have a lot of users they come already setup on the system to save you time, but adding a new user and assigning their User Level seems quite straightforward here.

Simple to navigate and enter the information you require in this area – also with options for the CMS (although we did not have an integrated website for this demo) and Import / Backup options.  Daily backups are included automatically, and if you want to download your own backups, you can subscribe to this as an extra service.


Need help?  At the top of your screen you have access to both the Knowledgebase, and Help sections.

The knowledgebase has Getting Started Guides, topic specific help and the option for Live Chat also.


Overall, an easy to use system that should cater for the needs of most Recruitment businesses, and Chameleon were helpful throughout with providing a demo and user account.  If you’ve used Chameleon before, let us know in the comments, or add your vote to let us know what you think!

How Do I Know This Is The Right Recruitment Software For Me?

With tons of recruitment software available from a multitude of suppliers, how can you be sure you choose the right one for your business? You could have a good idea of your needs, what you like and what works best for you if you've experienced recruitment software previously. Here are a few tips that will come in handy regardless of whether you've got a clear idea of your requirements or not.

At the time of writing, online recruitment software seems to be where we are heading. If you wish to pusue the avenue of a client-server program, you'll want to have a think about your office locations first. If you have multiple office locations, then a web-based recruitment software solution may be for you. If you run your business from one location, or the telecoms network and internet are not very reliable or fast, then you may think a client-server program could be suitable.

Points To Check

A good starting point to figuring out the quality of after-sales service you'll receive is right from the first phone call or email you make. Is it easy to contact the company you are thinking of purchasing the software from, or do you have to trawl through pages of information just to get an email address? Does the company respond promptly? Is the software provider keen to help you get the most use out of their system? Online recruitment software reviews are a good place to start your research, with the proviso that they are written by publishers with few vested interests?

Of course, if you have a recommendation from a business associate in the same field this can be a great help, but be sure that they are not recommending the software to you on the basis of their own business requirements – check that the software will cover the needs of your business before signing on the line.

Any serious company will be keen to give you a good run through their software to demonstrate the benefits before you part with your money. Be sure to include some of the key information below on a checklist before taking your demo.

Check During Your Recruitment Software Review:

  • Easy to contact the provider?
  • Clarity of instructions / support
  • Costs of setup / maintenance / upgrades
  • Workflow automation
  • Integration with website
  • Reliability/downtime of servers (particularly important with web-based systems)
  • Do they own the software, or are they just 'resellers'
  • Communications integration (sms texts/emails)
  • Customisation – can you configure the system to suit your business?
  • Is backup automated – do you need to backup yourself??
  • Audit trail – can you tell who did what, where, when and why from your logs?
  • Is data migration from your existing software possible? Is there a charge?

When purchasing a piece of software this critical, you need to avoid as many problems as possible, so be sure to use at least some of the questions above when reviewing your recruitment software before committing your budget. If you take more detail down in your notes, you're less likely after paying your cash to say…"ahhh – I presumed we'd be able to…"

Research definitely pays off here – try before you buy, and make detailed notes for comparison.

Jake Robertson

Recruitment Software Review

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Squidoo: Recruitment Software …

Squidoo: Recruitment Software Reviews for Arithon and Eboss /

Recruitment Software Review – Arithon Coming Soon.

We’re plugging away with our recruitment software review for Arithon at the moment – check back in a few days for our in-depth findings.

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IRP members support drive towards professionalism

Nice to see a cohesive effort aimed at professionalism. Go IRP.

Members of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals (IRP) have overwhelmingly pledged their commitment to professionalising the industry by endorsing the direction IRP is heading as it reaches its first birthday.

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Recruitment Software Review Coming Soon – Eboss

Well, we’ve approached the first of the recruitment companies on our list for a recruitment software review and they were most helpful.

Eboss set up a dummy account for us online, and then also gave us a guided tour through the system, according to them in much the same way they would a completely new user to the system.

We’ll be posting the results of our Eboss recruitment software review very shortly.

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