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Chameleon Recruitment Software Review

So, finally the Chameleon recruitment software review is finished.  It’s been a bit manic, so apologies, but I wanted to make sure we covered as much as possible before publishing.  Our thanks to Chameleon who assisted us, providing a demo login and answering any questions we had.  Comments and ratings are now open for Chameleon, [...]

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How Do I Know This Is The Right Recruitment Software For Me?

With tons of recruitment software available from a multitude of suppliers, how can you be sure you choose the right one for your business? You could have a good idea of your needs, what you like and what works best for you if you've experienced recruitment software previously. Here are a few tips that will [...]

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Chameleon Recruitment Software Review Coming Soon

We have contacted the chaps at Chameleon and are awaiting a run through on the demo version to write up our recruitment software review. We’ll post back with our findings as soon as we’ve finished drafting the review. In the meantime, these links may be of interest: eboss recruitment software review arithon recruitment software review [...]

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Recruitment Software Review – Sticky List

Quick Links to the applications on our recruitment software review list – we’ll link them up as we get through the reviews Eboss | Arithon | Chameleon | Eclipse | Bond Adapt | RDB Pronet | Eploy | CV Plus | Voyager | Evolve | Microdec

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Squidoo: Recruitment Software …

Squidoo: Recruitment Software Reviews for Arithon and Eboss /

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Recruitment Software Review – Arithon

So, following on from Rod Smyth of Arithon pointing out to us that they weren’t on our list, we’ve delved deep into Arithon’s recruitment software offering and you can see what we think below.  We always welcome user comments and ratings, and these are open for you to pitch in with your thoughts and experiences [...]

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Recruitment Software Review – Arithon Coming Soon.

We’re plugging away with our recruitment software review for Arithon at the moment – check back in a few days for our in-depth findings. Posted via email from recruitmentsoftwarereview’s posterous

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IRP members support drive towards professionalism

Nice to see a cohesive effort aimed at professionalism. Go IRP. IRP members support drive towards professionalism via The Recruitment & Employment Confederation on 7/2/10 Members of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals (IRP) have overwhelmingly pledged their commitment to professionalising the industry by endorsing the direction IRP is heading as it reaches its first birthday. [...]

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Recruitment Software Review – Eboss

Okay, let’s cut to the chase.  We’ve had a good poke around the Eboss recruitment software, and these are our findings below.  As ever, the comments and ratings are open, and it would be great to hear from any of you who have used this recruitment software yourselves.  Our thanks to Eboss who were friendly [...]

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Recruitment Software Review Coming Soon – Eboss

Well, we’ve approached the first of the recruitment companies on our list for a recruitment software review and they were most helpful. Eboss set up a dummy account for us online, and then also gave us a guided tour through the system, according to them in much the same way they would a completely new [...]

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