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Okay, let’s cut to the chase.  We’ve had a good poke around the Eboss recruitment software, and these are our findings below.  As ever, the comments and ratings are open, and it would be great to hear from any of you who have used this recruitment software yourselves.  Our thanks to Eboss who were friendly and helpful, setting us up with a dummy account and answering our queries.


The eBoss system has a nice, clean graphical user interface overall.  Everything is laid out nicely and you’re not much more than a click away from the key day to day functionality you’ll require.

The system makes extensive use of popups to display key information or tips when you hover your mouse over a contact, client or vacancy for example.  The screens are pretty consistent in their look and feel wherever you may be in the system which makes for ease of navigation.  And all the while you’re carrying out your tasks, the Recent History on the left hand side gives you an easy option to get back to a contact, or job, client etc if you think of something you need to add.


The eBoss dashboard is where it’s all at.  Starting here I can get immediate access to the Diary which lists key events as scheduled automatically by the system.

System stats are right in my face, as is the ‘Pipeline’ – I can best describe this as a quick way to see how many candidates / vacancies are at exactly what stage of your process.  Dead handy for prioritising and expediting those ‘must-do’ tasks.


The Candidates screen makes good use of tabs and pop-ups to pack as much information into a small space.  The popups work really well, hovering over the relevant icon for a Candidate will instantly give you their phone, email, notes, or ‘to do’ information.  It doesn’t feel like I’m overwhelmed, but at the same time, using the tabs/popups, key information is right there, broken down into the categories as defined by the ‘Pipeline’ so you can check who has submitted their CV, who is on what Interview stage, right through to who is placed and my Consultant taking care of them.

The Search and Advanced Search facility here is very detailed, and looks to deliver the flexibility to either hit up a quick search on common info, or to drill down your list of contacts with some pretty refined search criteria.  Uploading, processing and searching of CV’s is also available from this screen.  It’s an information gold-mine.

The CV is uploaded, parsed, and then the eBoss system figures out dates of employment history, experience, contact name and details, and also gives a nice summary.  The accuracy is pretty good here, but you can amend, add or edit any information on top of the info gleaned from the CV by the software.


As with the Candidates, Contacts and Jobs screens, there is a handy ‘+’ icon next to each on the main navigation to the left – this is a quick link to allow insertion of a record without having to navigate to the full screen and select a new record.  Again, the Clients screen is well laid out, making use of tabs and popups to maximise the information packed into your screen.

The tabs allow easy filtering of Clients by sector type, potential targets, existing clients etc, and the search options (available via a separate search link to the left) are built right into this screen, giving quick access when needed.  Once you’ve identified the Client you’re looking for, there are a host of Actions to the right of the screen which give instant access to allow sending of SMS or email among other things, direct from the system.

Adding a new client is as straightforward as hitting the plus sign, and entering the required data – it all works very smoothly.

Once the basic client details are added you’ll have an ‘Essential Details’ box on the right hand side which displays, well, essential details!  Email, phone, contact details etc.  Along with this are the host of other functions available via the tabs at the top of the screen including detailed company information, consultant, web searches, email, sms, notes and diary.


The Eboss Contacts screen is, in terms of layout, very much similar to the Clients screen.  Tabs allow filtering of Contacts by type, for example ‘targetted’ or ‘active’ – and by sector, ie sales, marketing, manufacturing.  The recruitment software offers search functionality which allows you to search by contact name, company, or even through their notes.

There is also the availability of email messaging to the contact once you’ve identified them using pre-defined email templates stored on the system.  To add a new contact, hit the plus icon on the main Contact link to the left of the screen and hit the new contact details into the pop up screen.


Called ‘Manage Jobs’ on the Eboss system, this screen affords detailed drilling down of the jobs you’ve logged.  Jobs can be filtered by client, contacts, or the consultant assigned to that job.  You can also search for a job with the job ID, or use the highly detailed Advanced Search which offers a greater variety of search criteria including keywords, type of work, job title, industry, key skills, country, hourly rate, start date, postcode and more.

Once you have your required job selected, you can save the search for later use, create a report on multiple jobs, or export the report to another format.  To add a job, simply select a client, click – there is even an option to Tweet the job to your Twitter followers when you create it.

Search & Advanced Search

Search options depend on the particular area of the system you happen to be in when searching.  The screenshot below is an example of what you’ll see in the candidate search.  Probably enough here to find your target.

If not, then never fear, there is the Advanced Search option.  With a plethora of criteria to hone and refine your search, I think it’s fair to say that if you can’t find what you’re looking for using this, then move on, it probably doesn’t exist.


Eboss offers some pretty swish communications management built in.  There are a number of default emails that the system can send, including initial responses to clients and candidates, and regular emails too.  The recruitment software can tap into your existing email account and pull any relevant emails related to your contacts, clients or candidates right into the system so you don’t have to check your email via a separate client.

As well as this, you have the option to Add your own custom emails, or edit the defaults to get them just the way you want.  Within the Automation section, you can configure Eboss to automatically email candidates on registration and job application, choose the email to send them, save your options and forget it.  SMS texting to candidates is handled from the Candidates screen and is another full-blooded feature you’ll love.

Tools – Content Management

Content management within Eboss comes in the flavour of variables that can be amended by you shown in the screenshot below.  The recruitment software handles basics such as address, to the text your candidates see when they log in to their dashboard, through to confirmation email content, website footers, privacy statements – it’s all dealt with in this screen.

You’ve also the option to set up your website title, description, keywords, contact email and basic colouring such as font and background colours here.  More control on this is offered in the frontend design control panel, see below.

Tools – Frontend Design

Okay, so you have your website, it’s up and running, and you want to play around with those colours.   Here’s where you do it.  You’ve got colour options for page backgrounds, menu backgrounds, links, hover links, sidebar panels, sidebar links, logo uploads, main menu customisation – I’ll stop there.  But here’s the killer that I like:

Social integration – in this screen you can hook your system up to your Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin profiles.  Remember earlier we talked about Tweeting your new Vacancy?  Well this is where the nuts and bolts are.  Gotta say I love it.

Data Migration

Oh the joy.  Who’d love to manually migrate thousands of existing records from your old system to your new one?  Forget it.  It’s normally one of the major ball aches for any business when upgrading any of their IT systems, software or infrastructure.

Eboss offers a handy CSV template that you can download, copy your client or candidate data into, upload and process.  Copying and pasting from your existing data is much swifter than manual entry, obviously.  But if you still don’t like the sound of that, you can give support a call – I think they offer data migration for a modest sum of beans.


Eboss will set up your recruitment software so you’re good to go out of the box pretty much.  But, if you do like to tinker under the hood….

Okay, who’s intensely interested in this part?  Who wants to know?  Anyone left?  Well, I’ll list them anyway – it’s the nuts and the bolts, the cogs and the wheels that don’t grab the limelight, but if you want to know what flexibility a system offers, then this is a good indicator.

We’ve got options here for user profiles, client, candidate initial & regular emails, system global configuration, form field properties, branding, consultant, candidate and client user passwords, regional and country admin, head office and management users, account unlocking for users who couldn’t remember their passwords, deleted account retrieval, data migration, and billing.

We’ve also got reporting for user sessions, number of sms and emails sent, number of emails to candidates and clients, jobs posted, calls made, clients accepted.  And the automation settings show up here to for setting up automatic emails to clients / candidates.  On top of this is the Labels screen – every data entry form field has a label – and if you want, you can change what it says to suit your business.

Okay – that’s enough with the settings now, but you get the picture.  Tweak away to your heart’s content.


Any time you feel like you’re drowning, there are a number of support options.  You’ve got Youtube videos for walkthroughs, the Support Desk to send support tickets, the Help Desk (knowledge base) or Live Chat – Eboss are also able to take remote control of your machine for certain tasks if you give them permission to help things along.


All in all, we like it a lot – clean GUI, starts out of the box with minimum hassle, is customisable as far as you want to take it, and has some great features including automation of communications and CV parsing.  Follow the link if you want more info on Eboss recruitment software, or head back to our recruitment software review homepage.

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Software Review User Rating
Rating: 7.6/10 (71 votes cast)
Recruitment Software Review - Eboss, 7.6 out of 10 based on 71 ratings