With tons of recruitment software available from a multitude of suppliers, how can you be sure you choose the right one for your business? You could have a good idea of your needs, what you like and what works best for you if you've experienced recruitment software previously. Here are a few tips that will come in handy regardless of whether you've got a clear idea of your requirements or not.

At the time of writing, online recruitment software seems to be where we are heading. If you wish to pusue the avenue of a client-server program, you'll want to have a think about your office locations first. If you have multiple office locations, then a web-based recruitment software solution may be for you. If you run your business from one location, or the telecoms network and internet are not very reliable or fast, then you may think a client-server program could be suitable.

Points To Check

A good starting point to figuring out the quality of after-sales service you'll receive is right from the first phone call or email you make. Is it easy to contact the company you are thinking of purchasing the software from, or do you have to trawl through pages of information just to get an email address? Does the company respond promptly? Is the software provider keen to help you get the most use out of their system? Online recruitment software reviews are a good place to start your research, with the proviso that they are written by publishers with few vested interests?

Of course, if you have a recommendation from a business associate in the same field this can be a great help, but be sure that they are not recommending the software to you on the basis of their own business requirements – check that the software will cover the needs of your business before signing on the line.

Any serious company will be keen to give you a good run through their software to demonstrate the benefits before you part with your money. Be sure to include some of the key information below on a checklist before taking your demo.

Check During Your Recruitment Software Review:

  • Easy to contact the provider?
  • Clarity of instructions / support
  • Costs of setup / maintenance / upgrades
  • Workflow automation
  • Integration with website
  • Reliability/downtime of servers (particularly important with web-based systems)
  • Do they own the software, or are they just 'resellers'
  • Communications integration (sms texts/emails)
  • Customisation – can you configure the system to suit your business?
  • Is backup automated – do you need to backup yourself??
  • Audit trail – can you tell who did what, where, when and why from your logs?
  • Is data migration from your existing software possible? Is there a charge?

When purchasing a piece of software this critical, you need to avoid as many problems as possible, so be sure to use at least some of the questions above when reviewing your recruitment software before committing your budget. If you take more detail down in your notes, you're less likely after paying your cash to say…"ahhh – I presumed we'd be able to…"

Research definitely pays off here – try before you buy, and make detailed notes for comparison.

Jake Robertson

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