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It’s a little surprising, but there still are some recruitment companies around that don’t utilise recruitment software to its full potential.  Maybe they have struggled to invest the time and energy required to fully trained themselves on how to utilise their recruitment software.  Or maybe they just don’t see the full potential of their recruitment software.  Maybe they signed up with the company, who just doesn’t care enough about whether their clients can get the most benefit from the software.  Any of these reasons can lead to a decrease in efficiency when compared to the baseline average of the industry as a whole.  To cut to the chase, you get left behind. [Read the rest of this entry...]

Recruitment Companies Overview

Recruitment Companies

Recruitment in general is a procedure whereby a company that requires staff hires the services of another company to select appropriate employees based their skills and attributes. Many smaller companies rely on filling vacancies by recruiting friends or contacts of existing employees of the company. Or they may advertise in the local media, such as newspapers and magazines. [Read the rest of this entry...]

Recruitment Software Reviews

The aim with the recruitment software review website, is to give an impartial review of the most popular and most widely used off-line and online recruitment software packages currently available.

What We’ll Do

We’ll be checking out just how user-friendly each recruitment software package is, how easy it is to sign up, how easy it is to upgrade, and how easy it is for you and your employees to use on a daily basis in the workplace. [Read the rest of this entry...]

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