Recruitment Software Reviews List

At we’ll be taking an in depth look at some of the leading packages out there on the market.  We’ve taken a sample of the top 10 recruitment software packages as they stand from Google, and these will be the ones we’ll focus our reviews on initally.


This is what the company says about its own software:

Our software is easy to use and were confident that once your system is set up you’ll be up and running straight away, using our video training and live chat, should you need support.  We have a wide range of comprehensive instructions, which you may download from our helpdesk if required.  Our main aim is to make sure you’re utilising eboss to its maximum, and we will support you and your employees 100%, to enable you to do this.

Eboss – is it Alan Sugar, or David Brent?  Well, we’ll take a closer look  in our Eboss recruitment software review.


This is what Chameleon say about their own software:

Chameleon is a web-based on demand recruitment software solution for SME recruitment agencies globally.  The software gives an intuitive, reliable platform idea will further temporary, contract and permanent recruitment companies, combining functionality and innovation , while remaining scalable and adaptable to your working processes.

So, what are Chameleon’s true colours?  We’ll find out in our Chameleon recruitment software review.


Eclipse report on their website:

Eclipse recruitment manager is a recruitment software package that revolutionises the way your business operates.  It will dramatically improve your capacity to generate fees, and increase the efficiency of your staff.  Developing the software alongside highly experienced recruiters, has enabled us to provide what we think is the most user-friendly, and most efficient recruitment software on the market.

Does the sun really shine this brightly for Eclipse?  We’ll find out in our Eclipse recruitment software review.

Bond Adapt

Bond say of their own software:

Adapt is a portfolio of specialist recruitment software applications, which has enhanced Bond’s reputation for providing software, which increases business growth and profitability throughout the global recruitment industry.  Adapt’s proven success is an indicator of our commitment to continuous improvement, investment and innovation, driven by years of industry experience.

Is Bond Adapt as smooth as 007?   We’ll spy out the features in our Bond Adapt recruitment software review.

RDB ProNet

They say over their own software:

ProNet is arguably one of the most feature rich, and functional pieces of recruitment software available.  Available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions, it’s easy to manage, and easy for users to use.  Suitable for a range of businesses from start-ups to global enterprises, and featuring website integration and third-party add-ons, ProNet recruitment software also offers access to a vendor management system and online timesheets.

So, we’ll take a look at the pros and cons in our ProNet recruitment software review.


Talking about their own software:

E ploy is a customisable web based recruitment software solution, and is the leading provider of recruitment databases online, and applicant tracking systems in the UK.  The flexible design of the software enables short delivery times, a large level of customisation, and cutting-edge recruiting tools.  The recruitment software integrates seamlessly with your website to streamline candidate applications.  Accurate and rapid shortlisting for requirements, applicant responds handling, and CV parsing significantly reduce admin overheads.

Should Eploy be deployed or left on the dole queue?  We’ll take a closer look in our Eploy recruitment software review.


Swiftpro say on their own website:

CV plus features include a user centred, intuitive software design, management reports, advanced job to applicant tracking, remote access, integrated contact management and the ability to search using multi-criteria, sophisticated search options.  Developed to streamline workflow, enhance your recruitment business and increase profitability of software is fully customisable.  Featuring a unique user interface, desktop communications centre.  History notes and powerful match capabilities, along with full web integration.

Does Swiftpro CVPlus do what it says on the tin?  Will open the lid in our Swiftpro recruitment software review.


Voyager inform us of their software:

Voyager recruitment solutions focus on delivering tangible benefits, offering a rapid return on investment and a rapid deployment of the software.  With fully integrated recruitment products being used in combination, our extensive recruitment software product range, focuses on your company’s relationship with its candidates and clients.

Should you take a trip with Voyager?  Port out, and starboard home – or a cheap Channel ferry crossing?  We’ll take a cruise in our Voyager recruitment software review.


Evolve tell us of their features:

Evolve recruitment software enables you to improve your productivity, consolidate suppliers, grow your company, search CV’s more efficiently, make life simpler, organise your documents, become paperless and assist you in becoming more compliant.  Other features include diary management, management and generation of documents, e-mail texts and faxes and candidates search , all from your Windows desktop.

Find out more in our Evolve recruitment software review.  If it’s a mutant, we’ll let you know!


Microdec says about its software:

With thousands of users globally, Microdec has been programming recruitment software solutions which address the needs of recruitment businesses since 1983.  With an ongoing programme of support to enable recruitment companies to improve their competitiveness and increase their efficiency, Microdec enable you to increase your throughput and profitability.  Microdec recruitment products and services are second to none, and we will support your business objectives.

We’ll take a much closer look in our Microdec recruitment software review.


Arithon report about their software:

Arithon is powerful recruitment software which is easy to use, enabling you to become a more effective recruiter.  With features including automatic CV parsing, advanced search functionality and the ability to import emails automatically to the system, Arithon also offers the user the ability to post jobs with it’s website integration.  Automated workflow saves the user more time, and frees up time for other tasks.